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NICHE - magic on third

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

nestled on the skirts of our growing city, soaking in the academic vibrations flooding downstream from where the university meets third south there is something magical is happening. in quite the perfect spot, the ever so appropriately named “caffe niche” fills with ease and expertise, a niche salt lake city so needs filled; another truly, deeply, actually lovely, but, most importantly, DILLICIOUS restaurant. caffe niche has marked the city map for years and i hope not to ruffle any of their regulars feathers when i say: it is vastly under-visited. troubling as that is, in the dillicious opinion, everything about the cafe is nearly, if not entirely, spot on.

using simple, fresh, and smart ingredient selection and sourcing to curate a different, yet approachable menu, the restaurant captures flavors one might seek whether their taste buds are tingling for something sweet or savory, casual or gourmet. order the turkey dip. i did. it is dillicious—lighter in flavour , and not your standard dip because of it -thanks turkey. i’ve quite possibly never been this pleased with a caramelized onion and cheese. which is serious talk. i think it commonly accepted that, to make any great sandwich even better: add soup- caffe niche offers this obvious improvement in the form of a clam chowder. though i feel, their chowder could be a bit more chowder and a touch less stew, maybe they’re onto something..? i’m certainly not opposed, if the cause is good, to a new texture and consistency alongside a classic awesome chowder flavour.

you could visit for many of your morning needs. grab a tasty pastry, they source them from a local company- im surprised to say i've never heard of and im just as excited to know about "pastry art barrani." i do love my coffee and while their espresso has not changed me for the better or worse, i have been seen enjoying a cup (or six) of their unsurprisingly typical drip coffee. typical or not the coffee makes a lovely contrast the biscuit’s and gravy i order religiously. a flavorful sausage gravy rich with the extra gravy things, smothered over a house made cheddar jalapeño biscuit finished with an egg prepared your way. simply divine, the only thing that might improve the situation could be the right person handing you a plate of goodies. i can only hope that whoever is responsible for your table when you arrive might only be partially as lovely as the lovely jess who may be my favourite.

as always, to delineate between somewhere serving good food and someplace #dillicious is, and will always be so much more than just the food, the people, or the vibrations. dillicious, is of course the magic that is generated when all of those attributes aline. at caffe niche, the ducks are certainly in a row. many dillicious readers may know that there are aspirations to one day open a #dillicious restaurant of our own. relevant here because if dillicious did already have space it’s own, it might vibrate just the way niche does. a beautifully designed space, in the supreme location, with a staff of unique, deeply handsome humanoids. truly though is this not the dream of any restaurant owner? that may not be the accolade of the century, however, at caffe niche all the parts are certainly lining up often enough and that does say something about how dillicious a spot it is.

next time you’re hungry, walk, bike, or hop in your car, and drive on over. caffe niche surely doesn’t leave us with anything but dillicious-ness to chat about

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