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about me


i'm dillion chase. at twenty eight, i may be a bit too young, therefore qualifying myself unjustly, however- i feel i am onto to something special. i teach and practice yoga, and energy work. with an eye for design i also work as a freelance interior and landscape designer. additionally, i am a blogger who writes about food, art, experiences, and all things that can make a life most worth living. finally, i am a branding self awareness and presentation specialist or as i like to call it persona artist. having declared myself a connoisseur of all such things. it is the combination of these marvelous features of life done just right that is this dillicious life and from there i have built my brand from the cornerstones of authenticity in the name of sharing any and all things tasty. 

about dillicious

dillicious, is something like an adjective I admit to having made up. i needed a word that would quantify the things i thought fell into that proverbial pile of whatever-they-are's that i think lend themselves to living the most optimally enjoyed lifestyle. this is not to say i think the #dillicious lifestyle is the only lifestyle or that i discredit whatever you feel if you and i don't agree. that also doesn't mean i think this lifestyle anything short of the best. it is, noises that sound sensational, spaces and experiences that are beneficial or just worth it, self awareness and how to best personify that awareness, movements and exercise that will change your mind body and soul for the better, food, drinks, and treats what should NOT be passed up, spots so beautiful we can live in art. all of these things are dillicious, don't believe me? go out into the world, see for yourself how tasty life can be, what is this journal really if not a bit of good press for the right people. 

about move.ment

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