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My darling friend Scott Bay of @sbayco will be available for purchace today courtesy of the charming folks at @artehauscollectif on 9th. i figured there couldnt be a lovlier time to do an artist feature so...

from his mouth, to the site.

here he is: MR SCOTT BAY


I have always been inspired by linear designs and architecture and I've been interested in/ building furniture so the mixture of the two became these wooden mosaic art pieces. The medium of wood is very exciting because it creates very strong lines but can look very different and dramatic based off the finishings. The abstract designs can fit with any style because of the contrast between the modern design and the rustic medium. This juxtaposition excites me and moves me forward in creating, even more, contrast and unique designs.


I draw my inspiration from many sources. The thing that has been inspiring me the most lately is other artists. The time spent with other artists and listening to where they draw inspiration and how they started making a name for themselves is what interests me most right now. My main inspiration is, has been, and always will be architectural forms. 


I am excited by things that I have never experienced before. Whether it's art, food, or a human interaction, I am equally excited. The journey of life, to me, is to experience as much as possible and learn from those experiences to be a better human being. Artistically, when I see something new it is even more exciting because it is so rare for something to be completely original in art.

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