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Quarantine Oats

Updated: Apr 2, 2020


now- i know what you’re thinking..

“oats dillicious.. really?”

well-this is no joke.

not only is this recipe supremely tasty it’s also supremely simple- amidst these crazy times we’re living in you really can’t put a price on the brilliance of a solid morning routine.

i know i’m not the only on lacking focus and feeling under-productive since work from home life began. when it comes to simple and effective ways to improve your days and put your brain in its best gear, there is no better than a healthy and filling breakfast. while it would be dreamy to wake up every morning to a steak and eggs with an ice cream topped waffle, (i feel as tho) most of us are looking for an easier option that won’t set your morning schedule back and hour and a half (or two after clean up) and won’t break the bank.

did you know that oats actually have more of the healthy things your brain wants than that fancy steak and eggs? that’s right just a half a cup of oats (without all the rest of the goodness in this recipe) contains nearly 200% RDI manganese, an antioxidant found only in oats called avenanthramides (this increases production of nitric oxide a gas that helps dilate blood vessels leading to better blood flow) 40% RDI thiamin, 20% RDI zinc and much more. PLUS oats contain a special fiber called beta-glucan which lowers cholesterol levels, increases blood sugar control, promotes good digestive bacteria growth, AND ALSO will leave you magically full for long(er) without having too eat as much.

sounds almost too good to be true right?

well… HERE IT IS:


a recipe brought to you in part by my KING of a boyfriend.

serves 2-3


1c rolled oats

(boyfriends preference, i’m more of a steel cut sort of fella for textural reasons but they’re both supah)

2c water (not used all at once-3c for steel cut)

3 tbs butter

1/3 c buttermilk (or kefir)

7 dried cardamom pods

6 dried & halved turkish apricots (optional: try dates instead.)

pinch of salt

splash of heavy whipping cream

BEGIN THE EVEING BEFORE by combining 1/2 the h2o, buttermilk, cardamom pods, apricots, and the oats in a bowl. cover with a dry towel and leave out on the counter or in the cupboard over night to get a little bit funky (you can absolutely soak your oats longer than this but put them in the fridge if you do) -what we’re going for is a little bit of that sour dough vibe.

WHEN YOU WAKE fish out the cardamom pods, place them in a medium sauce pan with a pinch of salt and the remaining portion of water. turn your stove on medium to high heat. Go take a shower. (bring water to a light boil and let bubble for 10-15 minutes)

NEXT remove the cardamom pods THEN add your oat mixture, and stir vigorously for about 60 seconds. leave to bubble (morning routine ASMR) until your creation changes from watery to gooey and a film forms across the top. stir in said film and reduce heat to medium-low stirring occasionally to prevent bottom of the pan stickage.

at this point YOUR OATS ARE READY to eat but the texture game is still at play; [i like to cook my oats down for about 20 minutes longer while my man will let them cook down for double that.] the longer you leave your oats to cook down the more delightfully porridge the mixture will become. once you have achieved the texture you’re into (it may take a couple tries to get your just right, just right.) turn off the heat. add butter and stir once more until integrated.

FINALLY serve with heavy whipping cream and have some fun with toppings.


(all optional- the list to follow is just what’s trending currently at our place. i recommend between 4 and 7 toppings for best flavour effect but be creative- try new combinations and see what you enjoy the most!)

2tbs heavy cream

1tbs something sweet (the boyfriend does maple syrup, i like honey, brown sugar is also way YUM)

1/8c raw pepita’s (pumpkin seeds)

a sprinkling of raw cashews

1/8c golden raisins

additional salt to flavour

addendum: carl insists that dates are better than apricots.

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