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Post Office Place

the masterful duo READILY serving #dillicious in the salty city, tamara and takashi gibo, have opened the doors next-door for a bar. east of their line out the door sushi stop, you can enjoy their simple tho brilliant intention:

the mouthwatering not-wait.

an hours-long wait, even for award winning eats, can be difficult to accept. however, when just next door there's a truly #dillicious way to pass the time, that acceptance becomes far easier. no matter if you are in need of an immediate bite or simply too thirsty to go on before you wet your whistle; for the first time, in all time, the wait at takashi was too short, all i wanted from POST OFFICE PLACE was more.

comprised of, not-to-spoil-your-appetite bites the succinct menu will make you drool. each option, a shining star, as tasty as it is beautiful! whether you long for not too-simplicity, or are feeling ceviche sassy, you can count on a constellation of flavours. any of the hamachi on menu could be served with a warning label that read: “there’s something “fishy” about yellowtail this #dillicious in a landlocked city.” offerings like these remind who’s kitchen you’re in, while treats like a zesty grilled chicken thigh, or the cities best kept slider secret assure chef Tomy's independence as something entirely new. i wanted to explore the universe within this menu. if the small plates here are like twinkles in a starry scene then the bar-top will be your night sky, if so let it be true that night sights are prettiest delights when glittering with many twinkles bright.

had i been somewhere other than this ’sipping-center’ i may have been surprised at a drink delivered in a box. the nikkei sour however, is purposefully packaged in a wee cedar chest that adds an incredibly round flavour to a sour variation with pisco and ponzu. a perfect palate cleanser before your sushi next door, be that the case, yet also a perfect smooth-n-creamy to enjoy alongside something rather spicy. for example a light and flakey egg roll within which a cosmos of bold tho expected flavours swirl in a storm of unexpected spice.

there is a slider on the happy hour menu. more than mere snack, be careful not to spoil your appetite treating yourself with this trick. perhaps you're one of those “dudes” who is "always hungry two hours after so much sushi” in which case, pick up one of these bad boys to go. each i’ve experienced utilized different fashions, flavours, and flair - indignantly captivating while on a happy hour menu its a couture burger at a curbside price. tho please, don’t take it from just me- a dillicious associate rather couture herself and her one and only salmon personally agree with my syndication: this is the BEST kept SLIDER secret IN SLC!

if a smattering of ever changing menus or constellatory palatal range overwhelms you -don't dismay. not too simplicity awaits, the crunchy comfort of root and fruit chips along side a glass of the randsom jigsaw is just what you need. sweetness gasps for breath between salty bites of these divine crisps as you dip them in a bright aioli. impassioned by velvety smooth tannins holding savory mineral and blackberry notes in this ultra unique willamette pinot that sticks your taste buds with an unexpected caramel finish. sweet is love that abides the rule but is the exception, a snack thats a lot.. but not.

one wintery night during a migraine daze an instagram story spun tales of spicy dumplings in a dashi broth. courtesy of late night munchies, compounded by excessive headache medication and consequent delirium, i wrapped myself in atypical attire and found myself posted in disguise at this place. expecting to visit briefly satisfying my head pounding cravings and depart, i found unexpected comfort in the organic down tempo aesthetic. a soft glow coming from botani-eclectic light pieces invited me to stay a while. the perfectly steamed dumplings had a rich wok fried fattiness that somehow wasn’t overpowering. the broth was subtle yet had a zing that could slap around the unsuspecting. this dish, what lulled me from the comfort of my bed while feeling less than best was everything i could have hoped for it to be; a ‘warm-up from the inside’ kind of #dillicious-ness. I used this motif to engage in [rather hilarious] banter that led me to enjoy a coffee grain whiskey from japanese distiller nikka that had an ember-y warmth as saturating if not perhaps wholesome as the ‘hello’s’ and hugs from any who saw [right] thru my costume. i departed that evening feeling warm and happy despite the perilous grip of smog lake city.

bundle yourself and some companions in a bubble wrap of quality conversation, package yourselves in the need for a drink, address the parcel 16 W Market Street, and rest assured, post office place will "sip" you directly to a #dillicious destination.

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