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CAMPOS - an every day cafe

do you recall the time you teetered along edison street after an evening of cute bartenders and tasty sips at bar x? did you notice the expansive glass and grain facade of a cafe being tailored into the west walls of what you thought merely an alleyway? did you wonder what another trendy start-up is doing in the salty city, or why said start-up seems to love bikes and coffee? were you curious why the millennial generation needed another overly posh work space? did you question the necessity of a full scale coffee roasting operation in the office? were you envious of those who might work within those walls during tomorrow’s business hours? if you have, or if you have assumed the direction of this dillicious ramble —you’ve struck gold! it’s time for a visit to the bar-block during the sunshine hours. this is not another overly ritzy space for a special few to crunch numbers. this is a space for any hungry soul to wander in, sit down, and crunch a cookie over a coffee.

the australian coffee power house opened their first permanent up-n-over (as opposed to down under..) location in park city december of twenty-sixteen. avoiding the ever ogling dillicious gaze for some time this game of hide-n-seek will go on no more. structured around a new mentality of fair practice coffee, campos is so much more than just the trendiest fucking coffee shop i’ve visited. the coffee industry isn’t just posh cafe’s, overly elaborate toast, and fancy latte art. fields where coffee beans are grown often elicit non-ethical, in humane practices. under-age workers logging slave-like hours in perilous environments, are justified by nothing more than our caffeine addictions and ignorance to what goes into this harvest. campos works directly with growers to ensure a more promising tomorrow for the industry so many of us rely on for a promising today. from building schools to sponsoring medical programs, these ausie’s really are making changes bigger than the one they make to your morning attitude.

the alleyway flagship boasts a full service kitchen with an ever-changing menu i could chatter about longer than anybody, including, perhaps, my darling #mammadillicious, would care to indulge me. nevertheless, our most #dillicious players [or mdp’s] include an ice cream sandwich, a militarized cauliflower dipper, multi-directional beets, and the most overly elaborate, absurdly sexy toast creations E.V.E.R.

made in house the ice cream sandwich captures a chillingly beautiful blackberry explosion between a duo of oatmeal raisin cookies. i can’t understand how so many bits of blackberry, or raisin, or oats can even be contained by the other ingredients in this perfect afternoon snack.

altho i question your true sanity if you’re not a desserts first human, the spice roasted skillet is cashew and cauliflower on textural par with perfect hummus everybody will love. topped with grapes and cauliflower i thought, “the kitchen is pushing the sweet-n’-salty button just to push it.” listed on the menu with “toast soldiers,” smart yet adorable wording got the best of my curiosity and thank wordsmiths worldwide it did. the roasted grapes mobilize an armory of juice bombs that explode with a pop of unexpected caramelized allium [onion genus] essence, grazing your palate with the subtle sweetness of a gruff albeit adoring army dad. as with any proper military union, mom; if in her light i might compare the cauliflower, is a smart, crispy at the edges, well dressed fire, seasoned perfectly for sass and pleasing a crowd. with your toast soldiers at the ready, take aim at the the skillet and FIRE! this battle of who’s will the last bite be could become aggressive. play nicely.

i skimmed across beets listed “ten ways” and found myself again wary. regardless of their multi-directionality or vegetarian promises, when beets stand alone on a menu geriatric concerns are nothing but fair. i could not allow skepticism to get in the way of a recommend from a friend, so i took the risk and i’m happy i did. sprinkled with sesame seeds tossed in goat cheese whipped into a julia childs worthy frenzy — these beets, are indeed moving in many directions, none of which move me toward the grave.

the ‘blat’ features a thick cut of bacon so fantastic i could mention it alone. served with tomato, avocado, and lettuce so fresh its a farmers market happening on a crunchy delivery system that` deserves a title above the denotation of toast. each element of the acronym, ferociously tasty in solitude, humbly submits to the blend of involved flavors like an equation. somebody really deserves a good “blat” on the back for this creation, a blt play this #dillicious isn’t eaten often.

the benedict, no less involved yet equally hipster toast, could be better described as a finger painters pallet begging to be dug into. spashes of prosciutto pink and saucy sunrise yellows accented by excited herbal greens will have you feeling like a veritable bob ross.

there’s a something just right about the pace of the place. different from a common cafe churn. ..i can’t say its australian, [as i’ve never been] tho i hear rumors of an admirably candid sauntering pace to life down under. this is definitely the case at Campos. a brusk and beautiful energy that moves a multiplicity of lanes at varying experiential speeds simultaneously. the pace of cafe experience is something you get to order here like you do your beverage. a quick afternoon lunch, or a calming breeze thru on your way to work. yet also a cozy table for the overtly liberal, quaffed hair and purple chino, politically enthused couple to have a date that began before you arrived and will continue long, long after you’ve gone. absolutely do get caught up in the other tasty storylines, and jawlines- the crowd in front of, and behind the bar, at campos is always a snack. I caution tho, do not subconsciously alter the tempo of your day by getting lost in the tempo of the very attractive graphic designer who’s been sitting at the bar since open.

i suppose it important to mention the beverages as campos is, first and foremost, a coffeeshop. much like the offerings from the kitchen there are endless potions to choose from and chatter about. from a bright coffee float, affogato offerings, chai’s, and coffee flights, to milkshakes and mochas there’s an endless supply of intensely brilliant sippables worth dillicious mention.

coffee typically lives in a monochromatic world of cream and sugar, and the barista’s at campos will serve you, if so desired, a cup of just that. the cappuccino and macchiato, indispensable espresso baselines, are both flawless. trust the bar brains for keen deviation from the typical with something bold like their single origin coffee float. a blood orange sorbet from normal ice cream brings a sunshine bright unexpected palate to a light roast costa rica coffee. alice in wonderland cute, alex, once whispered to me, “it’s an acquired taste.” she’s not wrong and i’ll be returning to acquire it again and again. another swirl with normal called simply; the affogato special, features a scoop of maple ice cream thawing calmly in talentedly roasted espresso, topped with maldon salts.

when you deviate a chai at campos the blend of sweets and spices that comprise their signature spice blend make up a sediment so dillicious that new classification is in order. this is the muddy chai. travis whipped up one so good looking it couldn’t have been the sole work of a steam-wand, milk, and spices- it taste like sipping the weave of a glittering festive holiday silk ribbon.

with so many different things to try it might be advisable to order the coffee flight on your first visit to establish a base line or a new mental canvas to order from next. the concoctions caffeinated or otherwise are prepared to cure your cravings in ways you would have never dreamt. even in my own experience, campos is carving new details into the sculpture that is my love for a good morning beverage. if i could start every day with the brilliance that is their banana granola milkshake, i would. this blend of white chocolate, banana, and fig topped with toasted granola and honeycomb its as tasty as it is cozy. its like a blanket you can wrap around your day and secure even mondays best brightest outcome.

as the biggest fan of things consumable and an equal opportunity eater, i make a point to enjoy all flavours. however, chocolate and i have always had a tumultuous relationship. less the cocoa so rich and dark you might personify it not paying proper taxes as it begins to taste of coffee, chocolate is the only flavour i avoid. sprinkled with spices atop whipped crea, floating over a swirling latte with a scoop of ice cream made in house, the iced mocha is a sexy sight at the very least. praise to the choco-gods and good looking drinks, little did i know grounded pleasures, another aussie brand, makes chocolate so dillicious it has unlocked the door to a cocoa heart i didn’t know i possessed. its dark, if not sultry, with hints of pepper and baking spices, this chocolate stands in brilliant balance with the coffee and creams. i can’t believe i’m saying it: order the mocha, apparently australians are as on point with cocoa as they are coffee or a cafe.

Campos is a coffee shop every coffee shopper would wish to visit EVERY DAY. with a philanthropic backstory as dillicious the drinks and treats, it’s only fitting the space is so comfortable and the employees so handsome you’ll want to get to know them. when you see me sitting at the bar in the window indulging myself next: please, say hello— the vibration of the room makes friendly easy. if that’s not reason enough to choose where you’ll go for

coffee.. well then, you can re-read this review. you need to visit campos, it’s as #dillicious-ly simple as that.

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