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it's possible you have sauntered past the apple type-font mess happening in salt lake without realizing you could be missing something dillicious. don't let the unfortunate logo deter you; something awesome is simmering behind this unassuming restaurant facade; it is called pleiku. a dillicious spot for a great lunch amidst your busy day of meetings, phone calls, yoga, and desk work.

a reminder: i do not type to share of experiences that are not, but rather reveling only in those that are, #dillicious. the modest facade has admittedly kept me coming back to “test the product” before i felt this news need be shared. thru ambient interior improvements and an exhaustingly fixed visage, i attest this unfortunately packaged restaurant is merely a geode waiting to be split open. a calm and clean but comfortable aura, washed in grays and blues, pulls you thru the door into the simply tho fashionably situated address on main street. a pleasant, typically soft-spoken host with business and leisure in mind, will expedite you and your party to a table, leave a blue water bottle, and deposit menus.

lunch begins.

order a starter: i’ve been pleased if not impressed by all i’ve tried so far. the snowball shrimp dusted with sesame seed is served with candied walnuts. crunchy and sweet there may not be a more satisfying way to start a meal. feeling too healthy for tempura batter, but still in need of tasty beginnings? the lettuce wraps are sure to become your new dear friend. as texturally pleasing as the snowball shrimp with crunchy noodles and perfectly crisp lettuce, you certainly dont have to sacrifice flavour to go the healthy route. i’ve visited once or twice exclusively to enjoy the spring rolls, in fact, they are so fresh i rarely leave without an order in my belly. the share plate is pivotal in an asian fusion type dining experience. i am pleased to report: these things at pleiku are entirely on par.

dillicious experiences begin: prior to any restaurant arrival you must decide with whom you might, could, or should dine with, as i know each bite is enhanced by good company. i want to take a gooey moment to acknowledge my culinary companions, especially those who join me most regularly. a dillicious associate, and friend, better known as a shady dame, most recently joined me and my big sister for a visit. she ordered the salt + pepper shrimp: minimally listed on the menu without additional description, i was anxious about what may be delivered. i was impressed when properly tho simply cooked shrimp were married with concise flavours in perfect harmony to the simple moniker.

i ordered the lemon grass and sautéed onions. an intentional deviation from my usual order of pho. comforted, knowing my sister would order [to nobody’s surprise] the rare beef and brisket pho. my order was interesting and different without adventuring outside the realm of palatable comfortability. served with perfectly textured rice and a soul warming bowl of egg drop soup on a lunch special. you could say, it’s business up front and a party in your mouth. entirely brilliant, a great choice for anyone seeking new flavours or a break from the monotony of a typical, favourites driven, order. that said; it would still be a shame to visit and not have noodles with broth at the table. to ensure as many tasting possibilities as possible; take companions, order more, and share much: a visit to pleiku in any other fashion could be a pho-king shame.

it should be known, no vietnemese spot could or would be dillicious without a sensational pho— served here with your choice between vegetable and beef broths. both bursting with intense flavour: the key element of this pho does not disappoint. other important elements of any dillicious pho include a smart choice of noodle, classic tho well done protein options, heaps of extraordinarily purple thai basil, and a smorgasboad of fresh vegetables; which should include capricious amounts of sprouts and never be without bok choi. tho i do not certify myself a connoisseur of noodle soups, i have the opinion, and anecdotal proof enough to say; the pho at pleiku meets and exceeds all dillicious requirements.

in and back out the door with however long your schedule might allow, yet entirely satiated and ready to get back to your day with vigour, snacks here are a smart choice. whether you are a business person with serious hunger or serious hunger is the business of your persons, when you find yourself sitting down for a bite at pleiku it’s sure to be #dillicious.

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