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Normal ice cream.

there are few things more special than great ice cream. so what am i to do when a new ice cream place LITERALLY rolls up and is greater than all the rest? share the love, tell everybody of the melt your heart out goodness, and give way to the ice cream river carving itself an ever deeper spot in my heart. throw your diet aside and schedule an extra work out because normal ice cream is setting a new bar for fancy frozen fun so high, gelato shops fifteen generations old will gaze in wonderment as the bu

​​s whizzes by en route to another lucky destination. [currently stationed inside the east entrance of trolly square for the winter months, you’ll need

to follow ​ on instagram to know where to get your fix during the melty months] a marv​​el in metallic chrome, its as tho you’ve arrived at an ice-cream truck from a flashy comic book future, an always smiling face will lean ​​out the side of the vehicle and almost seductively offers you a choice of the daily fare. lost in your options you emerge from the decision-daze with the likes of a #composedcone like “the outer darkness” the “tutti fruitti” or a “dirty chai” dripping onto your hand.

the sucrose compilations just haunt me:

​​OUTER DARKNESS :perfectly textured, and bursting with flavor, a black sesame soft serve, peppered with dark chocolate crumb, trimmed with spooky purple clouds of cotton candy, all laden with an ooey gooey yuzu jam. TUTTI FRUITTI: a deliriously tasty swirl of earl grey and pomegranate soft serve encrusted with fruity pebbles and a tangy passion fruit caramel.

​​DIRTY: #dirtyicecream do you detect hints of black pepper swirling amongst the baking spices? a chai tea soft serve, masked in a shroud of espresso shortbread crumb, decorated like a holiday tree with chocolate dipped espresso bean ornaments and a garland of black tea caramel.

​you can always tell when there are brains are behind an operation. especially so when that operation is a sweet one. the art takes a certain delicate level of curation to make combinations so bold yet contrasting really strike a promising cord. this experience is no exception to that rule. -this chillingly intelligent queen of curated cold craveables, left her post as the pastry guru at HSL and Handle Park City to boldly go where no confectioner has ventured before. Alexa Norlin has a resume as impressive as her sweets. before returning to our salty city she studied at the french pastry school in Chicago and received degree in entrepreneurship from the university of Victoria. back on home turf, she helped to invent the beauty which many of you know to be a favourite: the rose establishment. she then, transformed palatal standards for perhaps our entire city, sweetening up the trio/lasalle restaurant group before becoming the aforementioned “handle.” you can taste the expertise in her creations. calculated wittiness is its own flavor, and textures come right from a science lab. it has to be said. these are #SMARTSWEETS

if you [you on your children’s behalf] or your outfit simply cant manage the inescapable clean up consequential of any good party, [yes, the composed cone is a party, in and of itself] -fret not, there is still decadent dilliciousness waiting for you. perhaps an ice cream sandwich? unlike anything the grocery will ever tempt you with, available in an ever-changing rainbow of flavours; “brown butter caramel and strawberry,” “valrhona dulce​

​ and green tea,” ​​or “corn and pistachio” sandwiched brilliantly between two somehow resiliently crunchy cornbread cookies. not a sandwich sort of gal? perhaps the daily fruit pop will better suit your now? i enjoyed a blackberry mojito fruit pop[s] so herbaceous and tangy i could have been fooled the treat wasn’t in desperate need of rum. [i’ve been assured however, the thirstier less desperate version could be conjured on special order.] the strawberry shortcake pop you must experience yourself to fully understand. tho i must caution you: i cannot surely say i’ll ever enjoy any other strawberry shortcake anything the same ever again. every single something i have had from the NORMAL bus has been unbelievably #DILLICIOUS, so much so in fact i have to wonder if its magic. ​​ tho i cant guarantee magic is at play here [there is] i g

uarantee there is nothing normal about it! so hurry up, join the club. i can only assure you that you’ll be sad if this shiny silver school bus rolls off without you. after having pulled myself thru various levels of brain-freeze, battled with a multiplicity of sugar highs, and waded thru the muck of incurable cravings when the bus is closed, i am here pleased to proclaim myself a NORMAL club.member. ​​regardless of the rhyme, reason, or season- be it: summer, autumn, or even winter, the chilly treats from the normal bus have sent the entire city deep into their frozen sugar high cravings. i can only imagine the dilliciousness, i CANNOT wait for what spring will have in store.

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