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the ROSE estb.

pull hard on a heavy, solid wood door and grant yourself access to the most #dillicious in coffee shop life that salt lake city has to offer. walk across the terra-cotta tiled floor, beneath the energetic remains of a flock of origami swans that once drifted about the skylight having now apparently migrated elsewhere, toward a beautifully appointed bar where an equally beautiful human will greet you and bring new life to your caffeine routine.

from their humble two thousand ten opening things have changed— from no menu, to a menu of only quaint toasts, to their now smartly curated list of treats appropriate for before work or bunch options alike. needless to say the rose establishment will start your day right even if you didn't wake up on that side of the bed. it is simply DILLICIOUS. from savory and sweet, or crunchy to cozy cottage fare the menu ranges from the likes of a charming grandma-made-it-like-this sort of porridge, served with a house nut butter i think might be sent directly from the gods, to the weekender tartine; a definite favorite of mine. perfect five seed toast layered with a soft boiled egg and feta, relaxing atop a tomato fennel jam so divine i should like to shamelessly rub all over the bodies of attractive persons and lick it off. sweet treats to boot, you may feel compelled to dessert with your breakfast. which, so long as you have yoga (or any other physical activity of obviously lesser merit) scheduled that day i have to urge submission as the calories will blissfully maneuver your day right onto the preferred side of the bed.

i hate to distract from the truly lovely food. however, to speak of the coffee served may cause any treat to pale in comparison.. in fairness though this could be brought to you by my love for (addiction to) coffee. regardless, whichever beverage you choose to sip: i wager, it will be thoughtful, it may even be artistic, and most certainly, it will be #dillicious. in advisement to any persons order, especially for a first visit, keep it simple. go for a true classic, order a cortado. perfectly crafted, artfully poured, its always just the pep my step needs. if i could i would start each day with one. i’ve heard it said there are strange people walking among us who don't like coffee, although this interferes with my ability to relate, i am sure that even these lost souls will find direction from the plethora of tea options

i am always eggar to pull open that big door, with friends, alone, before the farmers market, after the farmers market, as though i’m going to the office, or just on a rainy tuesday- there is simply no better.

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