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In the middle of the east side of the block between second and third south and fifth east is a little black brick building where a charming waitstaff interesting menu call home.. i've said it before and I'll say it again:


whether it is breakfast time and you're in the mood for something healthy, filling, or coffee for one RYE really is/should be your jam. perhaps rather its your marmelade..(they have lovely marmelade.)

This weeks pro-rye rant is brought to you in part to my artists-date/lunch for one from tuesday that was nearly tranformtive. Just out of yoga starving for protein and greens i delivered myself to rye and ordered the always #dillicious steak and eggs (mid-rare, eggs basted, rye toast) and subbed the breakfast potatoes for a salad. now, i'm a fairly cheery fellow and i have to tell you, whoever you are, that i've not been happier perhaps EVER.

just look at this:

custom coffee's roasted by the ever charming la barba coffee roasters and everchanging (okay it doesnt change that much) menu loaded with any number of #dillicious things at any given time. I have to recomend the coconut quinoa for its healthy vibes but mostly its #dillicious flavours. dressed with candied nuts and seasonal fruit its definately on the top of my list.

..all these tasty eats, plus a lovely staff and an eat-any-time-you-like sort of attitude and operating hours. not to mention, my #dillicioussteak and eggs with coffeee and aditional toast (to enjoy with some marmelade) came to less than $20. truly, something special.


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