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Martine Reigns: one of SLC's MOST exceedingly Dillicious.

--tell your friends.

i am sure i have said it before -i'm sure i'll say it again. Martine, is in my opinion thee very most #dillicious night out in salt lake city. the food: always spot on. the service: consistanty sublime. the atmosphere: never short of approperiately posh.


my unbelievably handsome man friend and i had 7:45 reservations on valentines to enjoy their anual tasting menu-o-love. [please note: they do not actually call their valentines menu a menu-o-love] we entered and waited a moment at the bar so as to sit with [perhaps] my faourite server in the city nick. happy to wait for my choice service and also affording myself time enough to drink a "BOULEVARDIER." a twist on the ever classic negroni, prepared with bourbon rather than gin. i found the cocktail refreshing: the perfect pre meal pallet cleanse. admitedly, had i been enjoying the drink with food i may have thought it a bit watered down.


----by the lovely hostess with a darling haircut

we began with soup and salad. both light, both lovely. a cocunut carrot curry soup with just enough of the warm spice to bring you up to temperature on a cold february evening. garnished with a chive oil and served with bread and olives, needless to say: #DILLICIOUS!

although i brought my own wine for the occasion i have to mention having been impressed by their wine list. given the circumstance you're looking for a drink recomendation: they've a navarra cabernet in house that i think just divine.

infamous for their delectable tapas menu we couldnt help ourselves but to order not one, not two, rather three. each unique and bursting with flavours smart distinct direction.

eyes bigger than stomachs and menus in view and drinks in hand-- it was not long before more than i could mindfully consume was on the way.


southern fried oysters were served with what the cheff was calling creamy green beans, although entirely tasty as the rest, i would not call them creamy.. perhaps buttered? regardless: superb preperation i'd not tried before.

cocoa braised beef short rib was served not as hot as i would have served it, an easily dismisable fact as the flavours exloded in a distraction so brilliant temperature became nearly irrelevant. i was moved to order the short rib because the menu spoke of tobaco onions. i had no idea what they could be, i was excited & RIGHTFULLY SO. a very tasty crunchy way to prepare an onion may have never been so real.

more #dillicious than the rest, my favourite of the tapas: blackened duck breast was served with a tangy sweet apple potatoe hash. the starchiness next to the sweetness of the apple was only made better by a billberry compote so perfect in texture i might have been dreaming. (side note: i'm a slave for good duck)


my especially charming date had a pan seared pheasant served in a brothy, cilantro, hominy, and poblano situation with crispy corn tortilla chips. i'll admit: it did not change my life for the better or worse. tasty enough, i just thought the bird a bit dry even for pheasant and the flavour a little boring tex-mex.

i enjoyed the center cut rib eye too completely -dserved with whipped yukon gold potatoes and a carmelised chipollini bordelaise. i wont say my dish was inventive-- it wasnt. it was however entirely #dillicious. very classic, very juicy, excitement in every bite: what more are you trying to ask of a steak?


with our post dinner movie starting soon we took two of their grilled gingerbread to go. drizzled in carmel and served with a scoop of house gelato it epitimised the ideal close to such a charming meal.

good eating.


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