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>>Lets face it, living in salt lake city, by the time the end of january rolls around: you just want the sun on your face while you hike up a mountain but we've still a month (at least) of winter weather to bear- NEVER FEAR GOOD TREATS ARE HERE.

With the experation of the holidays comes the need for the "healthy option snacking". i dont know about whoever you are but yogurt and granola always comes to mind when i've the hankering for a healthy nibble.

Why not pair that healthy nibble with a day trip to france? -- well, because nobody has time for that, which is why i have to recomend EVA'S BAKERY on 150 south main here in wee cozy SLC. when you need a quick caffe or one of my favourite sunday brunches in town. with no time to fly nonstop to paris today, its really just the jazz- order yourself a nice serving of a simple greek yogurt with house granola and berries and accompany it with an americano: a perfect start-up if you ask me. the granola is a simple fellow not too sweet, nothing too elaborate, served in the proper 1:1 ratio with his mistress the yogurt (i dont know why they are having an affair ..but they are) sprinkled with luscious berries, drizzled with honey. its no wonder i find it prevocative.

just like in most the rest of salt lake city you can experiance yourself la barba roasted coffee. cheers to them. i'll hand it to the bakery though they did a good job picking out a mug that makes your experience very extra special>>

just in case you're not in the mood for the healty track>>>>>>The stuffed French toast is served oozing dillicious rocotta filling smothered in candied blueberries may not be exactly as healthy for your waistline but its just full of good juju- this i'm sure of.

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