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Updated: Feb 12, 2020


its not often i venture to provo, when i do -its not done lightly, so after much prodding from a highly respected opinionator on my board of persons with #dillicious opinions [my big sister] i finally concented to the trip.

a bit of advice: go to provo more often. maybe act like its a bit of a vacation because.. you'll be pleased you did. i was. shocking as this may seem.

after walking in on a clean modern open kitchen, next to a small lounge oppisite one large communal dining table stretching out to my left -all adorned in artwork for purchase, i began to realise my provo-road-trip was entirely worth the drive.

normally i would walk you [the reader--mom] through all the bites and flavours but not today, as every bite and flavour was immaculate i wish not to spoil all the secrets however lets not ever miss the notable.

every single bite i took was ballanced on each of the levels people remember when cooking and most of the ones that people dont. for example the flatiron steak -which i of course ordered medium rare- was plated on a house citrus steak sauce and served with what i would call a sparky crunchy pickled vegitable fresca. (although listed on the menu as a gardinera which i dont necessarily agree with-- this is really just to say i've gone out of my way looking for things to critique ) -mesch a treacle citrus BBQ tang and the pickled kick of some vegtables to aproperiately acompany a steak in a way i dont know many chefs would realise even possible much less plate. striking a balance of acidic perfection to bring out texture and a natural creaminess in this emaculate -and of course locally sourced from snake river farms- brilliantly cut flatiron, it is certainly a #dillicious choice.

side note: is it redundant to say things like house steak sauce when all of a restaurants provisions are whipped up in house..?

we tasted so many things i could barely move by the time we finaly decided our feast would pass as finished. the evenings side special of lemon sateed spinish tossed with pine nuts and rasins was nearly everyting. the smoked salmon hush puppies could benefit from a bit more salmon but this is not to say i even had them on the table long enough to photograph them because --'dems was gone.

one final thing i should hate for you to miss: the mushroom farro risotto so perfectly cooked and flavourful i might even drive to provo again for only that.

thanks for reading.


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