The Blue Poblano

June 23, 2016


if you live in salt lake city, its safe to say you've traversed third south only one billion times. perhaps it is also safe to say that: you're better aquainted with some damn fine #dillicious mexican food than you may havce even realized. at least- this is the conclusion i came to after my handsomemanfriendspecialperson and i went for tacos at the BLUE POBLANO on the north side of third between fifth and sixth --i know mapping salt lake city usually makes more sense in 300 s. 473 e. format but i am just a slave to the metropolitan idea, so the BLUE POBLANO is indeed on third between fouth and fifth.


on superbowlsunday i might have expected the cantina to be busy however we were the only patrons and recieved exeptional service at a relaxed pace from the loquacious waiter named Roberto.. thinking to order more if needed the games began.


TO START: warm, all to perfectly crunchy, tortilla chips with superbly fresh guac and chips. both of which had enough spice to warm you up without burning your tongue off. get them, get a second order, remember a need to eat real food still.

TO FOLLOW: we chose three exciting different flavours of house taco's. which, SIDE NOTE: oder to share! -who doesn't want to share -letting you and your date try all the yummy things - with the added BONUS of team eating! impressively: i found each of the flavours unique and robust which made my sampling experience all the more fun. theChicken taco is a green chili situation in all the right ways- light yet full of flavour. the carnitas was especially#DILLICIOUS: featuring a zesty, smoaky, cheesy, chipolte, pulled pork drama. without a shadow of discredit to the aforementioned flavours my favourite of the bunch was hard to choose-- however, decidedly the al PAstor, was my favourite flavour with a sweet but spicy pineapple salsa, cabage and a sweet marinated pulled pork that has my mouth watering even now.


i departed without the weensiest bit of extra space in my stomach and a stack of togo snacking in my hand that would make any twenty something fiercely joyous at 1 in the morning when i'd remember: infact i do have food, other than heath bars, vega 1 protien powder, and boxed wine. with an entrily reasonable price tag i'll tell you all BLUE POBLANO is simply #DILLICIOUS!

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