a lighthouse of tasty stitched in yellow fiber

eva interior 1
dillicious audio

humans have, do, and will always spin tales of places that offer incredible provisions or romance and a wooing atmosphere. cast yourself and your lovers in one of those narrative here, somehow these tales at eva are ever the most #dillicious.

dillicious does not own any rights to this photo- if you do and would like it removed please email me. 


YEARS AGO, before the salty city was teeming with the #dillicious opportunities it does today, a yellow sunshade made a debut at 317 on main. pioneering our culinary scene whilst encouraging visionaries both new and old to keep dreaming! this spot became a lighthouse o...

the masterful duo READILY serving #dillicious in the salty city, tamara and takashi gibo, have opened the doors next-door for a bar. east of their line out the door sushi stop, you can enjoy their simple tho brilliant intention:

the mouthwatering not-wait.

an hours-long...

do you recall the time you teetered along edison street after an evening of cute bartenders and tasty sips at bar x? did you notice the expansive glass and grain facade of a cafe being tailored into the west walls of what you thought merely an alleyway?  did you wonder...

per the dillicious opinion there is but one thing that takes a great idea from good, past better, to best. it’s a simple notion, many work an entire life to embody. numerous will succeed, tho in the culinary industry, so few dilliciously do. this catalyst for success i...

it's possible you have sauntered past the apple type-font mess happening in salt lake without realizing you could be missing something dillicious. don't let the unfortunate logo deter you; something awesome is simmering behind this unassuming restaurant facade; it is c...

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